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Content Description
In this breathtaking collection of fine art photography, Peter reveals the raw, natural beauty that has captivated him since he first stepped foot on American soil in 1984. The nation’s ever-changing landscape was unlike anything he had ever seen. All four seasons create a palette of color that transformed with every state he traversed. Now, Peter’s 30-year exploration – from the snow-capped mountains of the West, to the vibrant fall foliage of the East – comes to life in this visual journey. Over 160 newly revealed photographs mark a poignant moment of amazing discovery in the life of a Master Photographer. This is Peter’s America.

Product Description
Featuring a screen-printed, fabric spine and 9mm blackboard, foil-debossed covers, each masterfully crafted book is finished with a black painted edging and fits perfectly in its magnetic closure slipcase. Peter Lik’s award-winning imagery comes to life on Stora Enso Fine Art Paper, with both matte and gloss varnishes.

Due to the incorporation of uniquely delicate, artisanal materials, we highly recommend your copy remain in its protective slipcase when not in use.

Product Specifications
Open Edition
Hardcover, 10” x 10” x 1.875”, 272 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9797927-9-3

© 2013 Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

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