New Release/Night Dreams

+ Phase One IQ1 50MP
+ Exposure f/4 @ 20 Seconds
+ 9:30P
+ Edition Size 950 Limited; 45 Artist Proof

I have always had a deep fascination with the night skies. As a kid, I remember my dad pointing out the constellations and we would name them. All we saw back then was a black sky and millions of stars - only what the naked eye could see. The camera totally changed that vision. Exploring out back Oregon, I searched for a totally remote location - away from as much light pollution as possible. As soon as I discovered this scene I felt the connection between heaven and earth. The silhouette of the tree and classic old barn really told a story to me. Being alone in total remote darkness and silence was magical - then the long exposure opened up another world through my lens. It really felt like a night dream - a moment I will never forget.

Peter Lik     Master Photographer – AIPP, PPA, MPF, FBIPP, FRPS, FASP

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